Main Menu

The Main Menu is the first thing you will encounter once signed in to Infinite Realms. The two most prominent buttons let you either restore (load) or create a new Scenario. You can also access your Settings and your personal Profile and find Help in case something is not working as expected. New Scenario A scenario in Infinite Realms is a collection of one or more maps or scenes. A scenario can be used to represent a single adventure or a whole campaign.

Running Scenarios

Once a scenario is created or loaded, you can control the scenario mainly through the bottom menu. When you move the mouse, a small arrow appears at the bottom of the gamemaster screen. This arrow opens and closes the bottom menu. The bottom menu is divided into five tabs, which are described in more detail on the following pages. Hotkeys To simplify the control, there is a set of hotkeys for the bottom menu.

Time & Weather

The Time & Weather Tab is one of the most powerful tools in the game masters hand that Infinite Realms has to offer. The tab can also be opened via the hotkey T. Time & Weather Tab in 3D mode with all options. If the players return to the same place at different times or explore the environment over a longer period of time, the environment can be adjusted in a 3D scene at any time to the desired conditions such as time and weather.

Light & Effects

The Light & Effects Tab can be used to significantly influence the coloring and mood of a scene. The tab can also be opened via the hotkey L. Light & Effects Tab with all options Here you can find a lot of profiles via the Look Presets button to change the scene easily and dramatically. In addition, there are additional tools and sliders for influencing various post-processing effects. Please mind that some options may be deactivated depending on your subscription tier.

Volume & Sound

Music and sound effects can greatly enhance the atmosphere of a tabletop role-playing game session. The game master can use music to set the tone of a scene and create a sense of tension, drama, or mystery. Sound effects can also be used to bring the environment of the game to life, such as the sound of a raging storm or creepy music. By using music and sound effects, a game master can create a more immersive experience for the players and help them feel more connected to the world of the game!

Fog of War & Tools

This is about tools! Everything you need to stay in control at the table and get Infinite Realms to do what you want quickly and easily. By the way, the Fog of War & Tools Tab can be opened via the F hotkey! Fog of War & Tools Tab This article steps a bit out of the shadow of the other tutorials, which always refer to a single tab in the bottom menu.

Map & Scenario

The Map & Scenario Tab hosts a whole set of functions concerning the management of scenarios and the basic settings of the current map. Map & Scenario Tab on a Legacy Map Depending on whether a 3D scene or a Legacy Map is currently running, part of the tab will look different. In addition, there is the special layout in 3D View mode. The Map & Scenario Tab can also be opened by pressing the M hotkey!