Infinite Realms Version 2023.1.4 - New Version - New Features!

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with the Infinite Realms 2023.1 Update Greetings, adventurers! We’re thrilled to announce the latest iteration of our beloved tabletop gaming platform: the Infinite Realms 2023.1 update. This update represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. Since the initial release of version 2023.1, we’ve been hard at work refining and improving the platform, and we’re excited to share that we’re currently on version 2023.

The Lost Doll - A Halloween 2023 One-Shot

New Year, New One-Shot! This time, we’ll be doing something different: Stick around if you want to know how I used Infinite Realms to do a Pokémon one-shot! A quick rundown of the story: The adventure is set in an mediterranean-ish coast town (for my fellow pokémon experts: it’s close to the city of Fermanca). My players will investigate why multiple residents of an retirement home have gone missing. A long time ago, one of the inhabitants lost their favorite plush toy in the basement of this building.

Development Version 2023.0.2 - Stunning new Features

Welcome back to our blog, Infinite Realms enthusiasts! We just recently published our newest development version 2023.0.2 as some of you may have seen. If you haven’t, don’t worry because in this blog post we will tell you all about it. New Save System The biggest update might be our save system, which we have completely transformed to give you an enhanced and seamless experience. Media files used to be externally linked, which left them open to unintentional deletion or relocation.

Troubleshooting Infinite Realms - Grey Screen

The enhanced tabletop experience that Infinite Realms offers brings your gaming sessions to life, delivering stunning 3D battle maps, classic image maps, and video maps in a way that’s convenient and engaging. But, even the most well-optimized apps can encounter issues from time to time. Here, we’ll navigate a common issue you may face when starting up Infinite Realms on Windows and macOS for the first time: The dreaded Grey Screen.

Version 2023.0.0 - The "Quality of Life" Update

Exciting New Features and Improvements Greetings Infinite Realms enthusiasts! We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Infinite Realms version 2023.0.0. This update brings a host of new features, refinements, and bug fixes to enhance your digital battle map experience for tabletop role-playing games. This version is themed “Quality of Life“ update! In this blog post, we’ll explore these updates in more detail, showcasing how they will improve your gaming sessions.

Which Setup for Digital Battlemaps?

Digital battlemaps offer a great way to enhance roleplaying or tabletop games. With Infinite Realms, you already have the right software, but what hardware is necessary? There are different ways to project digital battlemaps onto the table to enhance the gaming experience. You’ll learn more about this in this article. Option 1: Ceiling-mounted Projector One way to project digital battlemaps onto the table is to mount a projector on the ceiling.

Infinite Realms is finally live!

Developing and bringing Infinite Realms to its current state, where we can confidently and joyfully go live, has been an exciting and long journey. Today, I want to give you a quick rundown of what we experienced on this journey. It all started with a crazy idea, a dream of creating the perfect tool to enhance the role-playing experience at the table. But, as we soon found out, nothing like it existed on the market.

Welcome to Kóngulódalur

Welcome to Kóngulódalur, which is Icelandic and means spider valley. It’s autumn in the mountains, it’s cold and it’s snowing. Here grow only a few conifers and frugal plants that can cope well with cold and darkness. We start our journey in the spider valley at a small stream that falls into a gorge. This gorge divides the entire map into two halves. Is there a path across the gorge that the adventurers can take without danger?

What are the Optimal Reflective Surfaces for RPG Battlemap Projectors

What is the best Tabletop Battlemap Screen for a Projector? Optimal Reflective Surfaces on YouTube The Battlemap projector hangs on the ceiling, the adventure is prepared and everything is ready for the first RPG session! But at the first battle, the image quality leaves more than a little to be desired! The Infinite Realms team has tested tablecloths, pads, screens and reflective paints for you! We installed a ceiling mount for the projector at both Nina and Dannys place, as well as Jessis and Jans.

The Last Steps to Release

It feels like our Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the year was an eternity ago! Back then we had a working software, but it was far from finished. At that point, Infinite Realms was about more than an MVP (minimum viable product) and that pissed us off quite a bit. We would have loved to have a finished software on the market, without the detour via Kickstarter. However, reality caught up with us very quickly.

Roadmap to Release

We are on track! Earlier this year, we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for Infinite Realms. As promised, we subsequently made the latest stable version available to our backers. Of course, some bugs came to light, which we fixed in the short term. At the same time, we started the development of a new test version, in which all features promised in the Kickstarter campaign will be implemented step by step.

Projector vs TV Case or Gaming Table

How to bring digital battle maps to the table Projector vs TV Case or Gaming Table on YouTube If you are thinking about using digital battlemaps the first question is: how do I do it? There are two possibilities, either with a TV that you lay flat on the table or with a projector that you hang under the ceiling. We’ve put together the pros and cons of both solutions for you here.

Why we don't use AI in map creation

Our thoughts Recently, several projects have emerged that offer AI-assisted design of dungeons and battlemaps. In a way, we’re almost in the same field, so of course we’ve been looking at the projects in question. A lot of it is promising and looks damn good, but as IT professionals Jan and I have of course seen the developments around AI first hand in the last years and decades and are accordingly critical.

A tour around Forest Creek

Welcome to Forest Creek Here we are, on our first 3D map. It was quite a journey to get here. Get some coffee or tea, grab a pillow and have a comfy seat, as I will be your guide to: Forest Creek. We start at the village, either as villagers that start their adventure or as proven heroes, that had a quest to do here. Are the farmer’s horses there? Did someone poison the well?

Kickstarter is over - what now?

We were successfully funded! With the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign, an exciting and intense time has come to an end. The 30 days during the campaign started with checking the activities over night in the morning and ended with checking in the evening before going to bed to see if anything important had happened. And in between there was a lot of fever, comments and questions answered and the advertising drum was beaten.

Why Kickstarter?

Why we need you for Kickstarter! About 1.5 years ago the idea of Infinite Realms was growing in our heads. We were driven by constant dissatisfaction with existing solutions for RPG tabletop battle maps. We didn’t have a name for our software or a business model yet, but we had a lot of ideas and visions. We knew pretty quickly what effects we wanted in our maps, what we liked in other maps and what we didn’t like at all and what we were missing.

What is Enhanced Tabletop RPG?

Explaining Infinite Realms What is ETT on YouTube Today I’ll show you how to enhance your tabletop RPG experience using Infinite Realms with immersive and handy tools for your classic 2D maps, animated video maps and our all-new ultra-flexible 3d maps! As a Dungeon Master for over 30 years, I’ve been faced with the same question over and over again: how do I provide my players with the most engaging experience at the table?

Time and Weather

Set time and weather as you need Infinite Realms offers thousands of ways to make your setting unique and just the way you want it. Today I want to tell you what is possible with the tab “Time and Weather”. In our self-designed 3D maps you can take full advantage of all the possibilities. In video maps and 2D maps the possibilities are limited, but even there you can make it rain.

Fog of War and Grid

Fog of War Who does not know it? Whether the map was included in an adventure or you found a map to match the adventure, as a dungeon master you just don’t want the party members to see everything on that map right away, if only to maintain the element of surprise. Imagine that your party is going through a forest, a cave or a castle. The map is quite big and there is a lot to see, maybe there should be some enemies on there.

My journey into the Infinite Realms

First Steps When I was a teenager in the early nineties some friends came up with a game called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and invited me to a session. I had always been a kid facinated with fantasy stories and had already read the Icewind Dale Trilogy by Bob Salvatore. Also, being a nerd, I had played Eye of the Beholder with my neighbor’s son for hours on end.

Forgotten Graves

A Halloween 2021 one-shot Let me give you a quick rundown, on how I planned our halloween D&D one-shot and how this influenced the map design. We start at a festival ground, which can be a marketplace or any other open space in a village. For this one-shot I added some stands and tents and a stage, because we start at the „Fair of Wonders“. I also tried to recreate a bow-shooting range.

When will our Kickstarter campaign start?

As you surely know, we want to start a Kickstarter campaign soon, but why does it take so long and why don’t we just do it now? We live and work in Germany. The nice thing here is the reliability, punctuality and accuracy of the people here. And yes, these are not just clichés, but reality. A German saying goes “5 minutes ahead of time, are the German’s punctuality”. I personally enjoy these virtues very much and am a prime example myself.

Covid and RPG Tabletop

Today I am going to tell you how the Covid Pandemic changed our hobby, what we experienced and the good and bad experiences of having a pastime that you share with multiple people while not being allowed to meet people. Like it was in the past In the time before Pandemic, I had several groups with Danny in which we played Dungeons and Dragons with different people in different campaigns. Among other things, the group we first met in years ago still exists.

Welcome to Infinite Realms

Every roleplayer knows that it can be very tedious to draw every single battlemap by hand when using analog maps. Draw it on dry-erase, play the map, wipe everything away again and draw a new battlemap. In the long run it’s really exhausting. And the best part is that half of the map smudges when you move the tiles on it. It’s nerve-wracking and very unattractive - and it takes a lot of imagination to make sense out of this drawn map.