Which Setup for Digital Battlemaps?

Digital battlemaps offer a great way to enhance roleplaying or tabletop games. With Infinite Realms, you already have the right software, but what hardware is necessary? There are different ways to project digital battlemaps onto the table to enhance the gaming experience. You’ll learn more about this in this article.

Option 1: Ceiling-mounted Projector

Ceiling mounted projector

One way to project digital battlemaps onto the table is to mount a projector on the ceiling. This requires a projector and a mount to secure it to the ceiling. If the projector is positioned correctly, it can project the battlemap onto the table for all players to see.

To ensure that the projection is clear and sharp, the room should be as dark as possible. It may also be helpful to use a screen or projection fabric to improve the image.

We’ve tested different projection surfaces. You can find our test on YouTube.

Option 2: TV on the Table

Another way to project digital battlemaps onto the table is to place a TV on the table. This requires a suitable table or case in which the TV can be installed.

The advantage of a TV is that it generally offers higher resolution and better image quality than a projector. In addition, audio effects can also be played back through the TV to make the gaming experience even more immersive.

LegendaryTabletop on etsy

There are many ways to build or buy a case for the TV. If you are handy, you can build the case yourself using wood or plastic. You can find our instructions for building it here.

Or here’s a simple guide for a case made of plastic pipes on Tik Tok.

Alternatively, there are also many ready-made cases on the market that have been specially designed for this purpose. If you don’t feel like building a case yourself or you’re not handy, just take a look at Legendary Tabletop’s website. There you can choose TV cases in various designs.

This picture shows an example TV Case by Legendary Tabletop.


There are many ways to project digital battlemaps onto the table. Both options - projector and TV - have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know more about the pros and cons of both options, take a look here.

It is important to consider the needs of the players and the requirements of the game to choose the best option. With the right technical tools, you can take the gaming experience to a new level and immerse players in an immersive world.

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- by Nina