Handout & Token

The Handout & Token Tab features two handy tools that are not directly part of the map itself and are completely optional. The tab can also be opened via the hotkey H.

Handout & Token Tab


Through Handouts, access to a local directory on the hard drive can be obtained from Infinite Realms to display images as handouts.

Handout Selection
Once a path with images in it has been specified using the Change button, a dropdown with the list of all available files is displayed. By the way, very long file names can quickly lead to a cluttered menu.

The file selected at a given time is displayed in a small preview and can be shown on the player screen using the Show button. Another click on the button closes the image again. If only one display is active, the image can also be closed simply by clicking on it.

Please note that only the path to this folder is saved in the scenario, but not its contents! During an Export, the files will therefore not be saved along!

Token System

Infinite Realms is primarily designed for the use of digital battle maps on a table-display. However, in cases where physical tokens or minis cannot or should not be used, there is the Token System.

The system has evolved significantly over time, with several features being added. Besides simple tokens, tokens with character portraits can now be created, or even Hero Forge 3D models can be imported. The latter options are only available with an active Champion or Hero subscription.

Context Menu

Almost all properties of a token can be changed via its context menu. To open the context menu, a right-click can be made on the token using the Move Tool. Alternatively, the token can be selected from the list in the Handout & Token tab, and the menu can be opened using the Options button.

Token Context Menu
The context menu has three tabs. The first one allows you to change the color of the token itself, its size (measured in grid cells), and its rotation. Rotation is particularly interesting here with 3D models.

The second tab controls the color, range, and intensity of the token’s light source. It’s important to note here that the light range also corresponds to the range of the token’s automatic Fog of War eraser, should this option be active.

The third tab allows an aura around the token to be activated and configured.


Token List
In the list Tokens in Scene, all active tokens on this map are displayed and can be selected or deselected.

The three buttons next to it refer to the currently active token. From here, the context menu for advanced options can be quickly opened, or the token can be copied or deleted.


The Manage button opens the Token Manager window. On the left side, a list of tokens and token templates is first noticeable, these are color-coded.

The hexagonal entries are templates. Blue ones are system templates, while yellow ones are self-created custom templates. A selected template displays a Create button, through which a copy of the template can be created on the map. The Delete button allows a custom template to be deleted.

Token Manager
All templates are centrally stored and can be used in any scenario.

The white, round entries are tokens active in this scene. When one is selected, the buttons next to it have the same functions as in the token list. Additionally, there is a Template button, which allows a custom template to be created from the selected token.

Finally, at the bottom, there’s a dropdown with the options Character Portrait Coin and Hero Forge Model, belonging to the Add Token button. This allows image files or Hero Forge 3D Models to be selected from the hard drive for import. A token created in this way is immediately added to the map.

Add Token

At the top right of the tab, there is a dropdown through which a token can quickly be added to the map from a system template. A system token generated in this way has a random color, very practical for quickly throwing a few enemy minions into the battle, for instance.

Fog of War Option

The Clear FoW switch has only one function - it controls whether the tokens can dynamically reveal Fog of War through their Light Range. This option is disabled by default.

Virtual and physical tokens working together