Dungeon Master

A tour around Forest Creek

Welcome to Forest Creek Here we are, on our first 3D map. It was quite a journey to get here. Get some coffee or tea, grab a pillow and have a comfy seat, as I will be your guide to: Forest Creek. We start at the village, either as villagers that start their adventure or as proven heroes, that had a quest to do here. Are the farmer’s horses there? Did someone poison the well?

Why Kickstarter?

Why we need you for Kickstarter! About 1.5 years ago the idea of Infinite Realms was growing in our heads. We were driven by constant dissatisfaction with existing solutions for RPG tabletop battle maps. We didn’t have a name for our software or a business model yet, but we had a lot of ideas and visions. We knew pretty quickly what effects we wanted in our maps, what we liked in other maps and what we didn’t like at all and what we were missing.

My journey into the Infinite Realms

First Steps When I was a teenager in the early nineties some friends came up with a game called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and invited me to a session. I had always been a kid facinated with fantasy stories and had already read the Icewind Dale Trilogy by Bob Salvatore. Also, being a nerd, I had played Eye of the Beholder with my neighbor’s son for hours on end.