Map Tour

Welcome to Kóngulódalur

Welcome to Kóngulódalur, which is Icelandic and means spider valley. It’s autumn in the mountains, it’s cold and it’s snowing. Here grow only a few conifers and frugal plants that can cope well with cold and darkness. We start our journey in the spider valley at a small stream that falls into a gorge. This gorge divides the entire map into two halves. Is there a path across the gorge that the adventurers can take without danger?

A tour around Forest Creek

Welcome to Forest Creek Here we are, on our first 3D map. It was quite a journey to get here. Get some coffee or tea, grab a pillow and have a comfy seat, as I will be your guide to: Forest Creek. We start at the village, either as villagers that start their adventure or as proven heroes, that had a quest to do here. Are the farmer’s horses there? Did someone poison the well?