New Development Version 2023.0.3 - Out now

We are excited to unveil our newest development version, 2023.0.3. Highlighting this release is the substantial refactoring of the token system, offering advanced features such as Box Select & Multi Token Movement, Token Manager, and import capabilities for character portraits and Hero Forge models. Additionally, tokens now come equipped with customizable light options and a dynamic Fog of War brush, increasing the depth and immersion of gameplay.

Introducing Virtual Walls & Dynamic Lights Play
Introducing Virtual Walls & Dynamic Lights
For once Danny has managed to get his development vlog out in time for the release! Join him on his epic race against time to get the new features ready for a dungeon crawl on the weekend!

The update also sees significant enhancements to map dynamics. Both Legacy & UVTT Maps benefit from the unlocked Daytime Slider, providing users greater control over in-game ambiance. Furthermore, the introduction of the Virtual Wall Tool for Legacy Maps elevates the strategic potential, allowing Point Lights and Fog of War to work in tandem with the newly set boundaries.

In terms of usability, the streamlined interface now combines Movement and Token tools, bolstered by dedicated hotkeys for swift access to all tools. A dedicated Help Tab has been added to provide users with easy-to-access information. Finally, in our commitment to quality, numerous bugs identified in the previous versions have been addressed and rectified.

Here is what you get:

  • Legacy Map canvas now uses lit shader
  • Enable Daytime Slider for Legacy & UVTT Maps
  • Add Virtual Wall tool affecting Point Lights & Fog of War for Legacy Maps
  • Add Point Light Tool with range, intensity & color options for Legacy Maps
  • Combine Fog of War Tools into one tool
  • Combine Movement & Token Tools into one tool
  • Add Hotkeys (numbers 1-7) for Tools
  • Add Help Tab with Hotkey information
  • Add Handout & Token Tab
  • Expansive Refactoring of Token System:
    • Add Box Select & Multi Token Movement
    • Add Token Manager
    • Add function to save Tokens as Global Token Templates
    • Import images for Character Portrait Tokens
    • Import Hero Forge models as Tokens
    • Add Light option with color, range & intensity to Tokens
    • Add raycast based dynamic Fog of War Brush to Tokens
    • Add Aura style & color options
    • Add rotation (on vertical axis) option to Tokens
  • Add right-click context menus for Lights & Tokens
  • Make all FileBrowser calls asynchronous
  • Move Tool now has transparent Fog of War when moving in single screen mode
  • Fog of War Brush resolution now depends on quality settings
  • Optimize Virtual Wall generation for UVTT Maps and Legacy Map Wall Tool
  • Disable Snow & Ash option on 2D Maps
  • BugFix: When switching Handout preview active Handout cannot be closed
  • BugFix: When double clicking Scenario in Restore Window scene is loaded twice at the same time
  • BugFix: Default Music Volume is way too low
  • BugFix: Home Scene File not displayed on Lock Screen
  • BugFix: Home Scene File Change animation not working correctly
  • BugFix: App can stop working in Scenario Loading Screen
  • BugFix: Fog of War sometimes not enabled properly
  • BugFix: Token HitBox too small
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Download this version on our Development page!

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Create your own 3D Battle Map

How to create a 3D Battle Map Play
How to create a 3D Battle Map
In this session, we’ll share the ins and outs of creating a unique 3D battle map for Infinite Realms.

We’ve just released a new video on our YouTube channel. Unleash your creativity and turn your wildest imaginations into reality as we guide you step-by-step in creating your own customized 3D battle map for your digital tabletop adventures!

Since Development Version 2023.0.2 it is possible to import 3D battle maps from file. This video details how to create your own. More information on the Create page.

Check the video out on YouTube!

New Developer Vlog: Dive Into the Infinite Realms 2023.0.2 Update

Universal VTT and custom 3D Battle Maps Play
Universal VTT and custom 3D Battle Maps

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest Developer Vlog, where we unpack the rich features of the Infinite Realms 2023.0.2 update.

The 2023.0.2 update introduces support for WebP and UVTT files, allowing for better visual quality and deeper immersion in your virtual tabletop games. We’ve also made strides in enhancing our save system, ensuring your game progress and media are always protected.

Additionally, we are introducing the ability to create your own 3D scenes with Unity Editor support. Don’t worry if you’re new to this - we’ve got a handy guide on our Create page to get you started.

Be sure to watch the latest vlog for a complete rundown of all the new features. As always, we’re eager to see what you can create with Infinite Realms!

Check it out on YouTube!

New Development Version 2023.0.2 - Out now

Unity Editor
The wait is over, we just released Development Version 2023.0.2!

In the last weeks we posted several sneak peeks here and on our Discord to show off some of the new features.

And these features are massive! After the first 2023 version brought the new Scenario Manager today’s release marks another improvement in quality of life.
Map files are now copied into saved Scenarios and you are finally able to import and export them to backup or share!

Dark Lands
We also brought new file formats, including support for Universal VTT! And last but not least you can now create your own 3D scenes for Infinite Realms - or download scenes created by others! To get you started we built two totally new 3D scenes that are available for download on the Development page along the installers.

More information on how to build your own 3D scenes on our new Create page!

Long story short, here is what you get:

  • Add support for webP images
  • Add support for Universal VTT files, including
    • Dynamic light controls
    • Ambient light controls
    • Automatic scale to grid
  • Add support for custom Unity3D URP Scenes (“self-made 3D maps”)
    • Loaded from file instead of cloud
    • Support all 3D map features (weather, time, etc.)
  • Saved scenarios now include copies of all needed map files
  • Saved scenarios now show total file size on disk
  • Saved scenarios are now versioned and warn about possible compatibility issues
  • Add import / export scenario functionality for backup & sharing
  • File Dialog target directories for load & export are now saved during runtime
  • Scenario Manager now shows source file name instead of path
  • Update Unity Engine to 2021.3.27f1
  • BugFix: MistController not properly unloaded
  • BugFix: Grid Tool not reset at scene change
  • BugFix: App does infinite loop during scene transition
  • BugFix: Error handling & recovery broken at scene transition
  • BugFix: Grid always active in View Mode after Restore
  • BugFix: Grid Offset sometimes wrong after Restore
  • BugFix: Fog of War sometimes not properly initialized
  • BugFix: Handout dialog & canvas not safely discarded
  • BugFix: Reference for Wind Force 12 sound missing
  • BuxFix: Active scene index not reset when lower id scene is removed
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Download this version on our Development page!

Developer Version 2023.0.2: Enhanced Save System

New Main Menu
Experience a game-changing update in Infinite Realms! With the upcoming release of Developer Version 2023.0.2, we have completely transformed the Save System, offering you a significantly enhanced and seamless experience. Get ready to save and manage your scenarios with newfound ease and efficiency.

Previously, media files used in your scenarios were linked externally, leaving them susceptible to potential issues if files were accidentally moved or deleted. However, with the revamped Save System, we have introduced a significant enhancement. Now, all utilized media files will be saved within the scenario itself. This new approach ensures that all necessary files are conveniently stored in one location, minimizing the risk of unintentional damage or disruption when managing your scenarios.

Furthermore, this updated Save System introduces versioning functionality. When browsing your saved scenarios, Infinite Realms will now indicate if the save originated from a previous version of the software. This valuable information allows for greater transparency and alerts users to the possibility that the save may not perform precisely as expected. This feature enables users to make any necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless experience.

Import Collision

In addition to the enhanced Save System, we have made notable improvements to the main menu, introducing dedicated Export and Import buttons. These new features enable users to effortlessly package saved scenarios into archive files, which can then be imported on any computer running Infinite Realms. Whether you need to transfer scenarios to a secondary machine or create backups for safekeeping, the Import/Export feature offers enhanced convenience. Should the imported scenario save already exist on the designated computer, users have the flexibility to cancel the import or overwrite the local save.


The Import/Export functionality is compatible across different operating systems, allowing for seamless file exchange between Windows and macOS. This cross-platform compatibility ensures smooth collaboration and sharing of scenarios among users, regardless of their preferred operating system.

The revamped Save System and the improved Import/Export feature in Infinite Realms Developer Version 2023.0.2 offer a more refined and user-friendly experience, empowering users to focus on crafting immersive and captivating adventures without the worry of file management or compatibility issues.

Development version 2023.0.2 sneak peek

We are thrilled to bring you exciting updates on our next beta release. The Infinite Realms team has been working tirelessly to bring even more powerful tools to your fingertips, and we believe these updates will significantly enhance your tabletop experience.

Universal VTT support
Universal VTT (UVTT) Map Support

We understand how important a variety of map choices are for your games. To that end, we have just completed our project for Universal VTT (UVTT) file support. This means that with our next development release, you will be able to use UVTT maps created with tools like Dungeon Alchemist, Dungeon Fog, Dungeondraft, and more.

Light Sliders
One of the fantastic benefits of UVTT maps is their unique features such as dynamic lighting. You will now be able to set the ambient light intensity as well as the intensity and range for all point lights on the map. Combined with the Light & Effects features of Infinite Realms, this creates an incredibly immersive experience.

Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to align the grid perfectly. UVTT maps come with built-in grid information. The map will automatically be scaled to fit your default grid or display size, making the setup process smoother than ever.

WebP Image Support

We are also introducing support for WebP images in our next release. WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. They will now run just like PNG, JPG, PSD, etc.

More to come

This is not all, we will also update our Scenario Manager, file handling and some more custom map features!

Stay tuned for the official release date of these exciting new features. We believe these improvements will make your adventures in Infinite Realms even more enchanting. Thank you for being a part of our gaming community, and happy exploring!

Change Your Tabletop RPG Landscape: New Snow & Ash System

Change Your Tabletop RPG Landscape Play
Change Your Tabletop RPG Landscape
In this Vlog, our developer Danny is excited to guide you through the innovative features of our 2023.0.1 update for Infinite Realms! He discusses the Ash & Snow cover system, the brand new dynamic grid, monitor size dependent auto scaling, the much requested handout system and more!

We’ve just released the latest Developer VLog on our YouTube channel. Take a look at the latest 2023.0.1 beta version of Infinite Realms and discover all new features and enhancements for your tabletop.

Check it out on YouTube!

New Beta Version 2023.0.1 - Out now

Get ready to download the new version of our Beta starting today! In Version 2023.0.1, you’ll find some exciting changes that will spice things up:

Snow Cover
  • Move from forward to deferred rendering system for improved performance and new features
  • Add Snow & Ash tool to add dynamic coverage effect to 3D scenarios
  • Add a simple handout system that allows to select a directory where handout images are stored and display them from a dropdown list
  • Replace old grid system with a new dynamic grid system
    • Add rotation slider
    • Presets for various game systems
    • Full RGB color
    • Paintable grid cells, e.g. for area of effect markings
  • 2D maps can now be scaled to be smaller than full screen width
  • Video maps can now be scaled
  • Add player monitor size to settings. This enables automatic map and grid scaling by available screen space
  • Divide Settings window into Settings & Options tabs
  • Include all features and bug fixes up to 2022.1.5
  • BugFix: Freeze while loading 2D map caused by a race condition when indirectly setting screen scale
  • Minor fixes and improvements

    Get this version on our Development page!

New Stable Version 2022.1.5 - Out now

Get ready to download the new version of our stable verion today! In Version 2022.1.5, you’ll find these changes:

  • Add support for BMP, TGA, PSD and GIF images
  • Add error message popup when unable to load image or video file
  • Minor fixes and improvements

You can download this version right here!

If you are using version 2022.1.4 or older, we recommend an update.

New Blog Post - Troubleshooting Grey Screen

The infamous grey screen at startup is an issue a number of users have experienced in the past. Up until now all cases could be solved by our team on Discord and documentation on the issue on our FAQ page has grown ever since.

As the problem can have various causes depending on the user’s hard- and software, Danny has decided to compile all information on the issue into a single blog post.

New Grid Tool in Beta 2023.0.1

New Grid Tool
Dear Infinite Realms community, we are pleased to show you a first glimpse of an innovative Grid Tool that aims to enhance your gaming experience! The Grid Tool currently allows you to paint radius-based shapes centered on a cell or a cell intersection, as well as box shapes (such as the 15’ cube for the Thunderwave spell).

We are also working on adding tool options for lines and cones, and ensuring compatibility with all hex grid options.

Additionally, the Grid Tool will offer a complete color wheel and an opacity slider, enabling you to fine-tune the appearance of your markings with precision.

The Grid Tool will be one of many new features in the upcoming development release Beta 2023.0.1. Stay tuned for updates!