Development Version

On this page, you could normally download the latest development version of Infinite Realms. We just released a new major version so there is nothing to see here for the time being. Please check back at a later time or keep an eye on our News and Discord!

Flat Battle Maps Enhanced: Introducing Virtual Walls & Dynamic Lights! Play
Introducing Virtual Walls & Dynamic Lights

In this vlog our developer Danny is telling a tale of deep dungeons, hardship and rewards and how the 2023.0.3 update for Infinite Realms came to be!

You can also read the ChangeLog for more information on new features and bugfixes!

Final Words

Using the Infinite Realms development version is free in the basic Adventurer Tier just like the stable release! All newly implemented features are also unlocked. A paid subscription will be necessary to use advanced features from any previous versions.
You can manage your subscription at the Infinite Realms User Portal!

Have you found a bug? Do you want to give feedback? You have questions or even problems? You want to chat? Join our Discord and visit the #beta-test channel!