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Infinite Realms 2022.1.1

Release: 2023-02-28

  • Rewrite of the automatic letterbox system, use 16/9 format on all displays
  • ESC hotkey now opens ‘To Main Menu’ popup when bottom menu is open
  • Bottom menu tab hotkeys (T,V,L,F,M) now close bottom menu when pressed while appropriate tab is active
  • BugFix: Uppercase image and video file extensions not recognized as valid map sources
  • BugFix: Movement Tool bounding box not calculated correctly for ViewDistance > 26m
  • BugFix: Fog of War initially being opaque on GM screen in dual screen mode
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.1.0

Release: 2023-01-23

  • Add system wide Subscription Management
  • Update Profile Window to display live data
  • Add button for autologin to UserPortal in Profile Window
  • Add version management
  • Rearrangement of Bottom Menu Weather Tab
  • Hide unnecessary weather options in 2D mode
  • Make several save functions asynchronous background tasks to prevent main thread causing lags
  • BugFix: VSync settings on certain quality settings profiles prevent FPS limit from kicking in
  • BugFix: Move & Distance Tool placement offset when screen resolution not equal to render resolution
  • BugFix: Token and Paint Tool y-axis offset when using letterbox on non 16:9 main screen
  • BugFix: Fog of War sometimes automagically turning back on again after being turned off
  • BugFix: Stuck in loading screen after deleting multiple maps from Scenario
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.6

Release: 2022-11-30

  • Change Volume Sliders to a logarithmic scale to allow for better volume control
  • Prevent idle screen dimming
  • Make saving Scenario more verbose by toggling button style and text while saving
  • Update Unity Engine to 2021.3.12f1
  • Bugfix: Ingame menu toggle animation can be fired multiple times simultaneously resulting in bugged menu state behaviour
  • Bugfix: Fog of War tool placement offset when screen resolution not equal to render resolution
  • Bugfix: Wind Slider not setting wind sfx correctly
  • Bugfix: Vertical Grid alignment not saved correctly
  • Bugfix: System Wind & Weather clips in Sound Stage not being saved correctly
  • Bugfix: Saved Scenarios with broken screenshots not showing up in Restore popup menu
  • BugFix by Workaround: Windows version crashing to desktop after 1 hour runtime due to backend sdk bug
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.5

Release: 2022-08-04

  • Complete rewrite of Sound system for more flexibility
  • Replace Sound Select dropdowns with a dedicated Sound Stage management window
  • Add Sound Clip descriptions and text search to Sound Stage system
  • Add Sound Mixer, Master Volume and new Category Volume Sliders
  • Add SFX Sliders to adjust High Pass, Low Pass and Pitch
  • Complete rewrite of Fog of War system, now using tiles of GPU Shader based Rendertextures for better performance, tool precision and visual quality
  • Fog of War player mode is now always completely opaque regardless of underlying map brightness
  • Add new brush shapes (square & 2 hex options) to Fog of War system
  • Add Fog of War brush capability to Token system
  • Re-Add Main Screen Resolution option in System Settings for better performance tweaking
  • Add new Mist & Fog Manager to Weather Tab. This optional Fog Volume can be completely customised in color, size, appearance and behaviour independently of the current Weather Profile
  • BugFix: Thunder Sounds not being bound to Weather Volume Slider
  • BugFix: Sound Startup & FadeIn Sequence on Scenario Loading
  • BugFix: possible Memory Leak caused by the Vegetation System
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.4

Release: 2022-07-07

  • Replace Look Preset dropdowns with a dedicated UI window
  • Add preview, descriptions and text search to Look Preset system
  • Add optional FPS counter to Game Master Screen (enable in Settings)
  • Complete rewrite of Scene Rendering system based on offscreen rendering with virtual cameras and buffer injection resulting in a massive performance boost in dual display settings
  • Streamline quality & performance settings
  • Fog of War now completely covers 3D objects
  • Improve Fog of War vertical placement
  • Improve Fog of War tools precision
  • Improve support for non-16/9-format secondary displays
  • Improve Cloud Asset Management
  • Upgrade to new Engine version (Unity 2021.3 LTS)
  • BugFix: Cloud Download failing to sample complete list of Resource Dependencies
  • BugFix: Scenario frozen in Loading Screen due to rampant failed CRC checks on Cache files
  • BugFix: Screen Cover, Paint Layer, Fog & Paint tools falsely being subject to Postprocessing effects
  • BugFix: Fog weather effect not being rendered on second screen
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.3

Release: 2022-05-10

  • Upgrade Time & Weather system with Volumetric Clouds, Depth of Field, Fog, Moon, Aurora and more
  • Add new (& replace some subpar) thunder SFX files
  • Add new (& upgrade old) Weather Profiles
  • Add Weather Controls for Moon, Moon Phase & Aurora
  • Optimise performance and quality of Reflections System
  • Add Offline Mode in case Cloud data is unreachable
  • Add Cloud Download Error- and Timeout-Handling
  • Add various Status and Error Messages to be more verbose on what’s going on
  • BugFix: Apply Scene Settings before Level has completed loading
  • BugFix: 2D Scene sporadically not loading correctly
  • BugFix: Incorrect AlphaClip settings in transparent Paint Shaders
  • BugFix: Paint canvas not being properly restored after Scene change when it was deactivated previously
  • BugFix: Paint layer being erroneously reactivated even when set to be Off while loading Scene
  • BugFix: Water Shaders sporadically being rendered in foreground, occluding Grid & Paint layers
  • BugFix: Hotkeys not being deactivated when using Input fields in Bottom and Token menus
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.2

Release: 2022-04-13

  • Add First Person View Mode for 3d Scenarios - it is now possible to show 3d Scenes to the players from the inside! The view position and angles are customizable within range and in relation to the current map section center
  • Add Search functionality to Restore Scenario window
  • Redesign of the Map Selection window
  • Add Search functionality to Map Selection Window
  • Attach Line of Sight & Distance Tool to variable “Ground Level”
  • Update to Token Highlight Renderer Plugin, fixing several Bugs:
    • BugFix: Water materials not being rendered on second screen are back
    • BugFix: Some erroneously opaque water materials are transparent again
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.1

Release: 2022-03-22

  • 3D Scenarios: Level is not completely reloaded anymore when switching to a different Scene in the same 3D Scenario, reducing loading time from ~20s to ~1s (fast switch) in this special case
  • 3D Scenarios: New Ground Level slider to better use lower lying 3D terrain (e.g. the village on “Forgotten Grave"s or the canyon suspension bridge on “Kóngulódalur”)
  • New Tool: Tokens. It is now possible to add, configure, move and remove 3D tokens in a Scene. Tokens can also have an aura.
  • Optimize Paint Tool default Multiply (day mode) shader
  • Add Opaque & Additive (night mode) shaders to Paint Tool
  • Add Q & E keys for vertical camera movement in Move Tool
  • Add input field for editing Scene name in Scenario Tab
  • Mail Verification Send & Resend dialogs now show user’s email address
  • Add Error Popup System
  • Breaking Change: New Save Scenario System, incompatible to file format of older saves
  • BugFix: Active Distance Tool not showing up in Main Menu anymore
  • BugFix: Formerly slow Menu animation now starting instantly
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.0

Release: 2022-03-03

  • New firewall tolerant database backend
  • New tool menu on Scenario screen top
  • New tool - Distance & Line of Sight
  • New tool - Marking & Paint
  • Movement refactored into new Movement tool
  • New movement options:
    • drag on hold left click
    • teleport on right click
    • camera distance on mouse wheel
  • Settings - option to limit FPS for energy & heat efficiency
  • BugFix: Fog of War not saving state after manual reset
  • Minor fixes and improvements